Koyuncular International Transport
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As KOYUNCULAR performs the necessities of being an important brand in customer-oriented service; its starting point is being the most productive solution partner in its field.

KOYUNCULAR Logisystem, which is an evidence of Koyuncular's innovative character, its limit-pushing understanding and the motto ‘Everything on Time' is at our customers' service as a part of our unique service.

KOYUNCULAR Logisystem is the security of our foreign trade services that are active all through Europe and all through the countries that have land traffic connection with Turkey. KOYUNCULAR Logisystem is the place where your transportation needs are all provided whether they are by land, sea or air transportation.

Koyuncular Logisystem not only gives you opportunities to import, export and/or complete or partial transportation, but also offers you the best service in entrepot services, logistics-purpose duty-free depot services, inner land transporting, customs clearance project shipments, air cargo transportation and container transportation. KOYUNCULAR Logisystem offers its customers the best choices in electronic trade by supporting the service with follow-the-load, question-the-load, reservation and following the transportation on-line services,via satellite.

Koyuncular Logisystem knows that transportation is not only moving door to door, but also forcing your transportation standards to be a world leader.

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