Koyuncular International Transport
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Quality Policy

Koyuncular's main principal is to be a dependable partner in business. Koyuncular transport group and its whole staff is a distinguished family within the Koyuncular structure. With all the other members of the family, the transport group is also responsible of realizing the quality standards with a team sprit.

Koyuncular accomplishes its duties in order to improve both the sector and the country. The mission is to be the undisputable leader of transportation business.

Koyuncular 's service is not only to move the property. Our service includes leading our customer to the right direction, informing them on every matter, solving the possible problems and taking the customer's problems as ours. We are aware that the quantity of customer satisfaction depends on the quality of the service the customer will receive.

Koyuncular uses the best transportation ways and logistics to deliver the property of the customer on time. We take the delivery on time, store it if necessary,find the best combination to carry it, deliver the property fully, clearly and on time.

Instead of correcting mistakes, we beware the mistakes in advance and feel the privilege of serving our customers.

Koyuncular also wants the employees to be secure and proud of their company. We try to help them get better on every level starting with institutional education.

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